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Published by Founder/CEO

I served in the United States Army from 2005 - 2011, spending much of that time deployed overseas in direct support of operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. I soon discovered the serious workforce issue's that [we] veterans go through after separating from the military. The decision to leave the military and return home can prove either successful with the right tools and support or grave for the less fortunate warrior. After spending years working for low wages, I noticed several employers lack of gratitude toward veterans joining the workforce. For this reason, I decided to create a military friendly None-Profit organization that is gear toward improving our communities through enhancing veteran support services such as homelessness prevention and emergency aid. I realize that veteran services in education and health-care have peaked across the nation; however, there has been a steady incline of displaced veterans. This is because of several issues that lead veterans into displacement. Once veterans reach the bottom it can be very difficult to rise back up. My goal for this foundation is to provide our armed service veterans with enhanced support that will help our veterans out of homelessness and act as a barrier for those who are at risk to becoming homeless. Through this Enhanced Veteran Support Initiative I aim to improve our communities across the nation with our veteran workforce. This foundation can inspire civic engagement, enhance economic opportunity with job stability, support environmental conservation, and provide resources towards emergency management.

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